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The Queen

We performed our special show for the Queen, and the Queen loved it. She smiled when I bowed to her, and she pretended to be frightened when I took out my sword. She clapped very loudly when we finished.

‘What a wonderful little man!’ she said to the farmer. ‘I want to keep him. Will you sell him to me?’

‘Yes, I’ll sell him to you. Your Majesty,’ the farmer told her.

I was sad, because I liked Glumdalclitch. Then I had a good idea. I approached the Queen. I could speak a few words of their language now, and I asked her to do something for me.

The Queen smiled at me.

‘What is it, little man?’ she asked. ‘What can I do for you?’

‘Can Glumdalclitch stay here with me, Your Majesty?’ I asked.

‘Of course she can!’ the Queen said. ‘You two are friends, aren’t you?’

That is how my life with the Queen of Brobdingnag began.

The Queen introduced me to the King, and he and I became friends very quickly. The King asked me a lot of questions about England. He was very surprised that everybody in England was small like me.

The King and Queen ordered a special box for me. It was made of wood, and there was a table inside, and some small chairs and a bed. The inside of the box was covered with soft material, so that I would not be hurt when someone carried it from one place to another. I kept a collection of interesting objects in the box. One of these was a servant’s tooth - it was more than a metre in length!

It was a happy time for me, but there were many dangers because of my small size. There are some incidents that I remember particularly.

Every morning Glumdalclitch carried my box to the window. One day she carried me to the window as usual, and then she left me there. Some huge wasps came in through the window, and entered the box. They were the size of birds in England, and they were very fierce. I was frightened of them. I took out my sword and fought them. I killed four of them. Luckily, the others flew away.

Another dangerous occasion that I remember was this. Glumdalclitch left me in the garden one day, and the weather was very bad. First it rained, and then it hailed very hard. The hail-stones were the size of tennis-balls, and they hurt me badly. I managed to hide under a tree, but I was still hit by some of them.

Another danger came from an idea that the Queen had. She knew that I liked boats, and she ordered one of her servants to make a little boat for me. The servant put the boat into a tank of water on the table. I spent many hours in this boat. One day, however, a frog jumped out of the water into the boat. I thought the boat would sink, and I was frightened. I was lucky, and I managed to push the frog out of the boat.

The King and I had many conversations. He was a friendly man, but he did not understand anything about science. He was very surprised when I told him about the English army. He could not understand when I described the cannons that the army uses. When I offered to build a cannon for his own army, he became angry.

‘No. Gulliver, I forbid it!’ he said. ‘I don’t understand what these cannons are, but they seem terrible things. Never mention this subject again, please!’

My real problems in Brobdingnag started with the Queen’s dwarf. Before my arrival at the palace, he had been the smallest person anyone had ever seen. I was much, much smaller than him, and he was jealous. He played all sorts of tricks on me - some of them were very dangerous.

We were having dinner with the Queen one night. The dwarf suddenly picked me up, and dropped me into a bowl of cream. The bowl was very deep, and I nearly drowned. Luckily Glumdalclitch was there, and she saved me. Another evening the dwarf attacked me again at dinner. This time he picked me up and pushed me into a bone on the Queen’s plate. He attacked me a third time in the garden one afternoon. I was walking under some apple trees. He climbed into one of the trees, and shook the branches. The apples, which were the size of barrels, fell onto the ground near me. It was a very dangerous and foolish thing to do.

It was not only the dwarf who was dangerous. Animals were also a danger to me, because I was so small. One day the gardener’s dog picked me up in his mouth. I was very frightened, and I thought he was going to eat me. The dog carried me very gently to the gardener, and dropped me at his feet. But the worst fright I had was with a monkey. The monkey came into a room of the palace. He picked me up, and carried me away. He seemed to think I was a baby monkey. He tried to give me food to eat, and then he climbed onto the roof of the palace with me in his hand. I was terrified. Some of the Queen’s servants saw what happened. They ran to fetch ladders, and they climbed onto the roof to save me.

I spent about two years in Brobdingnag. Once again I began to think of home, and to be lonely. I was tired of being special because of my size. I wanted to go back to England.

One day the King decided to visit one of his palaces near the sea. He wanted me and Glumdalclitch to go with him, as usual. We travelled to the palace together. When we arrived, Glumdalclitch did not feel very well, and she went to bed.

One of the King’s servants carried my box to the beach. I was inside, and I enjoyed looking at the waves from the window. The servant put the box down, and then he went back inside the palace. It was a hot day, and I fell asleep in the box.

I woke up suddenly when the box began to move. I looked out of the window, and the ground was a long way away - I was up in the air! I couldn’t understand what had happened. Then I looked again, and I saw that a huge eagle - was flying with the box in its mouth. I was very frightened, and I did not know what to do.

Then I heard another noise. I looked out of the window, and there were two large birds flying towards the eagle. They attacked the eagle. They had a terrible fight. In the middle of the fight the eagle dropped the box.

The box fell into the sea with a great crash. I thought the box would break, but it was very strong. It floated in the water for a long time.

The captain of an English ship saw the box in the water. He ordered his men to bring it onto the ship. The sailors were very surprised when they saw a man inside it.

The captain asked me to tell him my story, and I did. He did not believe the things I told him about Brobdingnag.

‘Giants!’ he said. ‘You don’t expect me to believe that, do you? Giants don’t really exist, my friend!’

‘Then where do you think this came from?’ I asked him. I went into the box for a moment, and took out the servant’s tooth that I kept there. I showed it to the captain. Now he believed my story!


A Voyage to Laputa and Babnibarbi

I was at home for about ten days when a friend of mine came to see me. Captain Robinson owned a ship called the Hope-well, and he wanted me to sail with him. At first I did not want to go, but he offered me a lot of money, and in the end I agreed. We sailed in the Hope-well to the East Indies. There was bad news when we arrived there. The goods which Captain Robinson wanted to buy were not ready.

‘I’ll have to stay here and wait.’ Captain Robinson told me. ‘But you don’t have to stay here with me, Gulliver. Let’s buy a smaller ship, and you can go to the islands near here and buy and sell goods.’

I agreed, and soon I was in command of a little ship of my own.

Unfortunately this little ship was attacked by pirates. They came on board, and they stole everything, including the ship itself. They were very fierce, and I thought they were going to kill me. They changed their minds, though, and decided to put me into a canoe with enough food and water for four days.

I knew there were some islands in this part of the sea. I spent a few days going from one island to another. The islands were all small ones, and there were no people on them. There was also very little food. I began to think that I would die on one of these islands, and I was very unhappy.

One day I saw something very strange in the sky. It was afternoon, and the sun was very hot. Suddenly the sky became dark, and I could not see the sun at all. I looked up and saw a huge object in the sky. It seemed to be an island, and it was flying! I looked at it through my telescope, and I saw people on the island. I was very surprised to see a flying island with people on it, and I did not know what to do.

I decided to call out to the people. Perhaps they would help me to escape. I shouted very loudly, and waved my arms. Some of the people on the flying island heard me, and they looked down at me. Soon there was a crowd of people looking down at me.

The island began to come close to me. Someone threw down a piece of rope with a chair tied to it. I climbed into the chair, and I was pulled up towards the mysterious island.

A crowd of people was waiting to welcome me when I arrived. They told me that the name of their island was Laputa. They were strange people. Their heads were very flat, and one eye looked up to the sky and the other eye looked in the opposite direction. The clothes of the rich people were strange, too. They had pictures of stars and musical instruments on them. The rich people all had servants, and I saw that the servants carried sticks with them. Sometimes the servants touched their masters on the mouth or ears with the stick. I did not understand why they did this until someone explained it to me. The rich people of the island were all mathematicians and thinkers. They were very busy with their thoughts. When someone wanted to speak to them, they did not notice. Their servants had to touch them with a stick to make them listen.

Some of the people took me to the King’s palace, and he invited me to have dinner with him. The King was a very polite man, and he wanted me to be his guest and learn their language.

The people of the island were only interested in mathematics and music. They spent their time solving mathematical problems, and thinking about music. They were very good at making theories, but they were not practical people at all. They could not make proper clothes or build decent houses.

No one wanted to talk to me about my adventures, or to learn about my country. All they wanted to do was talk about mathematics and music. After a while, they stopped talking to me completely.

There was a very important man at the court who became a friend of mine. He was a cousin of the King, and had a very important position in the country. Everyone thought he was stupid because he was not good at mathematics or music. He was the only man on the island who was interested in talking to me about my adventures and about England. He asked me many questions about the places I had visited, and their systems of government.

After a month on the flying island, I wanted to leave. The people were kind to me, but they only wanted to talk about mathematics and music. They were not interested in me.

I learnt that the King of the island was also the King of the country below the island. This country is called Balnibarbi, and its capital city is called Lagado. I asked the King’s permission to visit the other parts of his realm, and he gave it to me. My friend, the King’s cousin, was sorry to see me go.

‘I’ll miss you.’ he said, ‘I’ve enjoyed our conversations. But when you are in Balnibarbi, please see my friend Lord Munodi. He’ll show you the country.’

I met Lord Munodi in the capital city, Lagado. He was a very polite and intelligent man, and he took me on a tour of the country. I saw that the whole country was very badly organised. The houses in the towns were very ugly, and the people seemed poor. The land in the countryside seemed rich, but there were very few farms. I told Lord Munodi what I thought.

‘Every country has its own traditions,’ he said quietly. ‘Our country is certainly different to England.’

He took me to see his own farm, and this was very different to the other farms in the country. Everything was very well organised, and the people seemed happy and rich.

‘What a difference!’ I said. ‘Your farm is the best in the whole country.’

‘Thank you,’ he replied. ‘I’m happy that you like my farm.’

Then he looked very sad.

‘But it will not always be like this. I have just received some bad news. I will soon have to change everything, and make this farm like the others you have seen.’

I was very surprised at what he told me, and I asked him to explain. Then he told me the recent history of Balnibarbi.

‘About forty years ago,’ he said, ‘the country was all like this. The towns were well organised, and the farms were rich. Then some people from Balnibarbi went up to Laputa. They stayed there for about five months. When they came back here, they brought with them ideas about mathematics and music. They asked the King to begin an academy at Lagado. That is the cause of the problem. The professors at the academy have all got new ideas - but none of their ideas work. They are destroying the country.’

I told Lord Munodi that I wanted to see this academy, and he asked a friend to take me there. The academy was one of the strangest places I have ever seen. It was full of professors, and each professor was working on a different project.

The first professor that I saw had a special project. He wanted to extract sunlight from cucumbers.

‘We can use the sunlight to heat the houses in winter,’ he told me. He was sure that his project would be a great success.

There was a school of languages in the academy, and I went there to see what the professors were doing. One professor had a project to make conversations shorter. He was working on a language that only had nouns in it.

Another professor had a project for a new kind of language.

‘Words are really the names of things,’ he explained to me. ‘In my new language, we use things instead of words. Everybody carries a bag with the things in it that he wants to talk about. When he wants to talk, he brings out the thing he wants to talk about, and shows it to the people.’


A Voyage to Glubbdubrib and Luggnagg

I now decided to leave Lagado, and to go home to England. My plan was to go to the port of Maldonada, and to take a ship there for the island of Luggnagg. From Luggnagg I planned to travel to Japan. I knew that many ships went from Japan to Europe.

When I arrived at Maldonada, I learnt that the next ship for Luggnagg was expected in a month. I spent a few days in the port of Maldonada, and the local people were very kind to me. One of them offered to take me to the little island of Glubbdubrib.

‘It will amuse you,’ he said, ‘and it isn’t far. We can go there together, and when we come back, your ship for Luggnagg will be here.’

I accepted his kind offer, because I was curious to see Glubbdubrib. I knew that the name of the island means ‘magician’ in their language, and I wanted to see what an island of magicians was like!

When we arrived on the island, we went to the Governor’s palace. The Governor welcomed us kindly, but there was something strange about his servants. They were not dressed in modern clothes, and they were very white and pale. The Governor asked us to sit down, and began to question me about my adventures. Then he clapped his hands, and the servants in the room suddenly disappeared. One minute they were there, and the next they were gone! I was very surprised, and a little frightened. Then the Governor told me the truth about his servants.

‘They’re not real people,’ he said, ‘they’re ghosts. I’m a magician, and I can make dead people appear and disappear.’

He clapped his hands again, and the servants reappeared instantly.

We stayed about ten days on the island, and we saw the Governor of the island every day. I became used to the strange servants, and I was interested in the governor’s magic. He told me that he could use his power to make any dead person appear. He asked me if I would like to meet any famous people from history. He offered to make them appear for me.

‘You can ask them any questions you like,’ he told me. ‘They are ghosts, and they will tell you the truth.’

I asked to see some of the heroes of the past. First I saw Alexander the Great, and the great General Hannibal. Then I saw Pompey the Great, Caesar and Brutus. Next I asked to see famous poets and thinkers from the past, and I saw Homer and Aristotle. I also saw some of the heroes of modern times.

I asked them many questions about famous events in history, but their answers made me sad. I learnt that many of these heroes had not been brave at all during their lives. They had been dishonest, and they had been cruel. I was very disappointed in my heroes.

We stayed about ten days on the island of Glubbdubrib before returning to Maldonada. I then took a ship for the island of Luggnagg.

The King of Luggnagg welcomed me kindly, and I spent some time at the palace. I made friends with some of the most important men on the island, and we had many long conversations.

One day, one of my friends asked me if I knew about the Struldbruggs. ‘No,’ I replied, ‘I’ve never heard of the Struldbruggs. Who are they?’

‘The Struldbruggs,’ he explained, ‘are people who do not die. They live for ever.’

‘How wonderful!’ I cried. I was very excited. ‘I’m sure the Struldbruggs are very wise. Do they share their wisdom with the people? Do they help and advise the King? Think how happy they are, these men who never die!’

My friend smiled.

‘You think they are happy, these men who never die?’ he asked me. ‘You think they are wise, and good, and happy, don’t you?’

‘Certainly,’ I replied. ‘I’m sure they are wise, and good, and happy.’

‘Listen to me,’ my friend said, ‘and I’ll tell you the truth about the Struldbruggs. They are born with a special mark on their heads,’ he began. ‘Everyone knows who they are. They behave like ordinary people until they are about thirty years old. Then they become sad, and they are sad until they are about eighty years old. When they are eighty years old, they are like other old men. They forget things, and they become ill. After the age of eighty, they lose all their friends, and they never make new friends. Their sufferings - are terrible,’ my friend said.

‘When they are ninety years old, they have no memory at all,’ he continued. ‘They cannot remember the names of their children. They cannot read, because they cannot remember the words of a sentence. After two hundred years, they cannot even speak to people. This is because the language of the country changes, and they cannot learn the new words.’

This story of the Struldbruggs made me very sad. I left Luggnagg shortly afterwards. I travelled to Japan, where I found a ship for England.


A Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnm

I was very happy to reach home safely, and I decided to stay in England for a long time. Then someone offered me a ship of my own, the Adventure, and I left England once again.

Many of the crew of the Adventure became ill on the journey, and some of them died. Soon there were not enough sailors to drive the ship. I decided to stop in Barbados to find more sailors. This was a mistake, however, because many of the new sailors were really pirates.

The new sailors waited until the ship was at sea, and then they attacked me, and one of them took command of the ship. They stopped the ship when they saw land, and they left me there. No one knew the name of the country. Once again, I was alone in a foreign land.

I did not know if there were people in this country, but I decided to look for a village or town. I walked for a long time, but I did not see any buildings, or any farms. At last I saw several animals in a field. These animals were very ugly, and looked a little like monkeys. I watched them for a while, and then continued my walk.

While I was walking, one of these animals came up to me. It raised one of its hands, and tried to touch me on the face. I took out my sword, and hit the animal to drive it away. The animal cried out angrily, and about forty of the horrible creatures appeared. They surrounded me, and began shouting and making noises. I was frightened, and I hoped someone would come to rescue me.

Suddenly all the animals ran away. This surprised me, because I did not see anyone. There was only a horse walking quietly by itself. The horse came close to me, and looked at me for a long time. It walked around me, and it seemed very interested in me.

Soon another horse appeared, and a very strange thing happened. The two horses looked at each other, and both of them made the same noise. They seemed to talk to each other!

‘This is a wonderful country.’ I thought. ‘The horses talk to each other! I want to see the people, to find out if they are as wonderful as the horses.’

At that moment the horses came very close to me, and touched my hands and face. They were very gentle, and they did not hurt me. Then they made a low noise, and I understood that they wanted me to follow them.

The horses and I walked for about three miles, until we arrived at a large building. I was happy to see a building.

‘The people here will help me.’ I thought, ‘once they know I want to go back to England.’

We entered the building, and I was very surprised that there were no people in it. It was full of horses. Some of them were sitting down, which I thought was very strange. Others were working to prepare food. Then they took me into another room of the building. There was another horse in this room, and he seemed very important. The other horses behaved with great respect to the master horse. When he saw me, he said something. I heard the word Yahoo. The other horses repeated this word with anger and contempt.

Then we all went to another building, and I saw some of the horrible animals which had attacked me. They were very dirty, and they were tied with ropes. The master horse looked at the creatures, and then looked at me. All the horses were silent for a moment, and the master horse said the word Yahoo again. I looked at the ugly animals, and suddenly I was horrified. They were dirty, and they were covered in hair, but they were people!

Now we went back to the first building. The master horse was very surprised when I tried to use some of the words of their language. He tried to teach me more words, and he was very pleased that I could repeat them.

I am good at learning languages, and after ten weeks I was able to understand the horses when they spoke to me. I learnt that they called themselves Houhnhnm, which means horse. The master horse told me that they called the ugly creatures Yahoos.

‘We thought you were a Yahoo as well,’ he told me. ‘You look the same, but you are intelligent and clean. When you spoke to us, we didn’t know what to think. Yahoos can never learn to speak our language.’

I told him that I came from a different country. Then I told him about some of my adventures. When I told him about the ship, he looked unhappy.

‘It’s impossible,’ he said. There isn’t a country over the sea. And I don’t understand this story of a ship. I don’t know what a ship is, but it’s impossible for creatures like you to make one. A Houyhnhnm couldn’t make one - how could you?’

‘In my country,’ I explained to him, ‘everything is different. The animals you call Yahoos are intelligent, like me. Horses in my country are not intelligent.’

‘I don’t believe you,’ he replied. ‘It’s impossible to imagine a country where Yahoos are intelligent - and I cannot imagine a country where Houyhnhnms are not intelligent. You are inventing this story.’

Then I told the master horse about life in England. I explained that we use horses to pull carriages, and that we ride upon their backs. Again, he did not seem to think this was possible.

‘Horses do not allow Yahoos to ride upon their backs,’ he told me. ‘What you say is impossible.’

I told him about the history of England and our famous wars with our enemies.

‘This thing called war.’ he said, ‘It’s difficult for me to understand. You seem intelligent creatures, but you kill each other. It is a good thing you are not strong like horses - you cannot bite each other, or hurt each other very badly.’

‘You are wrong.’ I told him. ‘It is true that our bodies are not strong, but we have very powerful weapons. We have bombs, guns, pistols, and swords. Many people are killed during our wars.’

Now the master horse was angry. He looked at me very seriously.

‘Then your people are worse than the Yahoos we have here,’ he said. ‘The Yahoos here are stupid and horrible, it’s true. But your people are intelligent, and there is no excuse for them.’

One day the master horse called me to him.

‘I have been thinking about your people,’ he said. ‘I think I understand you now. It is true that you are intelligent, and the Yahoos here are not intelligent. They are stupid and wicked. But your people are intelligent and wicked - that’s the difference between you and the Yahoos!’

During my stay with the Houyhnhnms I began to understand and admire them. They live very simple lives, and they love friendship and truth. They never fight with each other, and they never argue. They believe they can use their intelligence to solve all problems.

I began to understand the Houyhnhnms, and I began to hate human beings. The Houyhnhnms were gentle and noble and human beings are violent and stupid. I knew that we were Yahoos. I was ashamed of being a Yahoo.

I listened to many conversations between the master horse and his friends. They spoke very wisely, and I grew to love them. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with the Houyhnhnms. But one day the master horse came to see me.

‘I have something to tell you.’ he said. ‘The great Assembly of the Houyhnhnms has made a decision about you. They say that you are a Yahoo, and they want you to leave. I am sorry, but you must go back to your own country.’

This was very bad news for me. I did not want to return to England, and to the world of the Yahoos. I knew I must obey, however, and I built myself a little boat for the journey. All my Houyhnhnm friends came to say goodbye to me on the day I left their country.

I stopped my little boat at an island in the middle of the sea. There was a ship here from Portugal, and the sailors captured me. They took me to their captain. Don Pedro. He was very kind to me, and he said that I could travel to England with him.

‘I don’t want to come with you.’ I said. ‘I’m just a Yahoo - leave me alone.’

Don Pedro did not understand what I was talking about, and he asked me to explain. I told him the story of my adventure with the Houyhnhnms.

‘They are very good, and they taught me a lot,’ I said. ‘Now I don’t like people - we’re all just stupid Yahoos!’

Don Pedro persuaded me to return to England and my family. At first I did not want to see my family or my children. I did not want to live with Yahoos.

I have now been back at home for five years, and I am still unhappy. I have had so many adventures, and I have learnt the truth about people. We are Yahoos. The knowledge makes me very sad. I miss my friends, the Houyhnhnms.

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