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کتاب های سطح بندی شده، کتاب های ساده ای برای تقویت واژگان و مطالعه گسترده هستند که مختص زبان آموزان تهیه می شوند تا به راحتی آنها را مطالعه کنند.

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It was the time of the Alaskan gold rush in the 1890’s when sled dogs were very in demand. It is a story about a dog named Buck. He grew up with a comfortable life at Shepherd’s ranch. He was always fed and happy. But from the first day that Buck was stolen he learnt about hunger, thirst, and cruelty. Buck’s life changed. He was harnessed with other dogs to carry the government post. The dog pack had its own laws and Buck had to get used to them. Every evening lying in the snow, Buck constantly looked back on his life at the ranch and from the forest heard howling wolves. Then by day Buck overcame the distance of a thousand miles during a hard frost. Buck decided to become the leader of the pack to survive in such hard circumstances. To do this, he had to eliminate an opponent…

The magazines of Paris carried the shocking news of a double murder. Most interesting was that the murders were very mysterious. At three o’clock terrible screams from a locked house on a Rue Morgue street gathered people, yet no one on the outside could help. Neighbors said that only Madame and Mademoiselle L’Espanayes lived there. With the help of police the party broke in and found a mess inside. By the time police reached the fourth floor there were no more screams. Finally they found the room where the screams had been recently heard. The scene in the back room was terrible with parts of bloody hair around the apartment and a huge razor covered in blood lying on the chair. A mother and her daughter were killed in a heartless way by an unknown person with enormous power. Or, it was it a human at all?

The young man wanted to become reach using charming girl that studied with him. Her name is Dorothy and she is a daughter of very rich man named Leo Kingship. But suddenly Dorothy became pregnant and her boyfriend realized that his plan can be ruined. He started to make new arrangements for resolving so inconvenient situation. In several days Dorothy found dead. According to suicide note that was send to Ellen, sister of dead girl, and that fact that birth certificate was found at place of dead, police decided that her death was certainly suicide. But Ellen was not so sure, she thought her sister was killed. Ellen went to city where her sister was studying at university. There she started an investigation, almost immediately she founded a man that she thinks killed her sister…

Silas Marner was a man with a very hard fate. He lived a happy life of a simple weaver. Also he had his best friend William. Besides, he intended to get marry with a young and beautiful girl Sarah, when they save enough money. But William betrayed Silas and declared him as a thief showing false clues. Wrecked Silas had to live his home to escape from people anger and fact, that Sarah and William planned to get marry. Unhappy man had come to village of Raveloe. The only thing, he could do was to weave, so he did it all days long. He lived a lonely live in the country, and all that he had was linen, his loom and money. Finally he became fond of money, he worked hard only for the one goal – to count money at the pot in the evening. One night his house was robbed and money was stolen. Silas felt like a most miserable man in the world, but suddenly God gave him something back…

It is a Christmas Eve now. The members of one family are telling horrible stories about ghosts. One of them Arthur Kipps listen all of them and has remember his own story. But he couldn't tell about it for his family. So he decided to write it on the paper. Many years ago he was working at a law company. He was given the task to make order in papers of a dead woman. That woman was very strange. And place where he had to go was strange too. And people who lived there were very suspicious. Arthur was full of deadly determination to do his work and went to the empty house located among the bogs and nobody lived around of that place. The dead woman had hold all documents and letters for several decades, Arthur spent a lot of time to make order in it. But all time the woman in black prevented him of doing his work.

Kino is a young and very poor fisherman. Although he even not married officially with his wife Juana, they already have a little child named Coyotito. As other fishermen families Kino’s one is very poor. They live at small house made from pieces of wood and sleep on the ground. The only wealth Kino’s family has is their little and old canoe. Without canoe fisherman cannot fed his family. Beside fish village people hunts pearls at sea. The sell pearls to buyers at city, but they work together and always cheat poor people. There is also a racial hatred between city and village people. One day a scorpion stung a little Coyotito and Juan feared of death her only child persuaded Kino to carry child to the doctor. But doctor always hated poor people who cannot paid for his service.

When Peter’s father died he was fifteen. Peter and his mother weren’t rich and they needed money, that’s why Peter had to get work. All his salary he gave to his mother, she paid for the house where they lived and bought food. When he became older he learnt to drive and changed the work, and he began carrier as a long-distance truck driver. Once at night Peter was driving to the Manchester and saw a very wet teenager who was standing in the rain. The driver agreed to take the boy. Then it found out that the boy had ran away from home and in the vicinity happened a murder.

It would be a very difficult case to find at least one person on Earth, who did not know the famous film Forrest Gump with Tom Hanks. Certainly, everybody knows and loves this movie. But have you ever read the book on which this film is based? There is a very common situation, when the book is better than the movie. Is this the same case? Let us revise our memories and read a short plot of this story. This is a true, wonderful and funny story about Forrest Gump. Forrest is a young kind-hearted man from Alabama in the USA. He has won a medal for gallantry in the Vietnam war. The President Of the United States awarded the hero. Forrest was a footballer, a businessman and a film star. He also went in space. His best friend was an ape called Sue.

English gentleman named Rudolph traveled through Europe. In the fictional country of Ruritania he met King Rudolf V, who was a distant relative, a namesake and a full twin of him. At a dinner devoted at the funny acquaintance King was poisoned by his cousin Michael, who wanted to seize the throne. The king was dying, the coronation was scheduled for the next day. Head Guard colonel Zapt convinced Rudolph take place relative to the ceremony. The young man were pretending to be a king with success. He also managed to attract the sympathy of the bride of the king, Flavia. Rudolph did not expect to take the place of the king for a long time and was ready to return all the regalia of king when he wakes up. However, the King suddenly kidnapped by men under the command of Michael Rupert.

Once in the evening, three friends were sitting smoking at Jay in the evening and were discussing the diseases from which they suffered terribly. They came to the conclusion that all their troubles due to overwork and they urgently need a vacation. After a long discussion vacation in the countryside and the sea walk were rejected. In the end the friends decided to go up the Thames by boat from Kingston to Oxford, breaking camps for the nights. Departure was scheduled for next Saturday. George on this day was at work, so Jay and Harris have went to Kingston by train. At Waterloo station they can not find the right train, so they had to bribe the engineer, so he sent his train is in Kingston. There they hired boat were waiting for them. Later Gorge joined them and the journey began.

He is not beautiful. His mother does not want him, children run away from him. People laugh at him, and call him 'The Elephant Man'. Then someone speaks to him - and listens to him! At the age of 27, Joseph Merrick finds a friend for the first time in his life. This is a true and tragic story. It is also a famous film.

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