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کتاب های سطح بندی شده، کتاب های ساده ای برای تقویت واژگان و مطالعه گسترده هستند که مختص زبان آموزان تهیه می شوند تا به راحتی آنها را مطالعه کنند.

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Because of the nail the boot was damaged. Without a boot, it was not possible to ride. Without a horse, the rider could not arrive on time. And without the rider all the battle was lost. This is a story about a poor Indian farmer named Raju, who has to work hard for pennies. Fifty rupees a day is his limit. But once, one man offers him to sell a kidney for thirty five thousand rupees. This is a lot of money. The Indian poor can’t earn such an incredible sum in his whole life. He decides to make this operation. Now Raju can buy pink and green halva and a bouquet of flowers for his beloved woman. He can buy whiskey for a blind old woman who loves to drink a shot before going to bed. The life of a poor farmer has changed for the better. After all, people live with one kidney. The main thing is do not pay attention to the pain.

Sooner or later everybody leaves the house where they grew up. They have to deal up with many things. If you are going to be an exchange student or just move and live with other people, you should know which conditions are comfortable for you and declare them in advance. Then you will be able to avoid awkward situations. The character of this story is a young foreign student. He entered the university in England. But he refused to live at the student hostel. He wanted comfort as he had in his native country. All he said in his requirements of the house was the availability of the desk in the bedroom. He moved to a house where a modern family lived. Their mother did not cook at all. There were only a fridge, a sandwich-making machine and a microwave in her kitchen. The family ate a frozen pizza during the day.

The first story tells us about a woman who had three sons. They lived in the village. The family was poor but happy. So the boys found a job. They received magical things as a salary. In the second story, you will learn about an evil queen, who had the most beautiful daughter in the world. The Queen didn't want to let her young princess get married. She just enjoyed the girl's torment. One day, a resourceful Prince appeared. The third story is about a poor man named Hans. He was happy and very cheerful until he met a witch. In the fourth story you will read about a fisherman who was poor and couldn't catch enough fish to feed his family. Once he got lucky. In the fifth story the main character is a king with ten sons and one daughter. Unfortunately his wife died. Soon a wicked stepmother came to the royal family.

The story is set in Salem, Massachusetts. The town is known for the witch hangings in 1692. That's why it's often called the Witch City. Megan and Kelly have recently moved here with their parents. Now it is late October and Halloween is approaching. Megan, Kelly and their classmates are very excited. They prepare costumes and decorations. Then they look for a place to celebrate. The children decide to visit one of the Salem Witch Museums for inspiration. In the museum something strange happens. Megan sees a scary old lady, even though the museum attendant assures her that the children are the only visitors. In the end the friends find an abandoned house near the cemetery and decide to have a Halloween party there. But the party turns out to be much scarier than they could ever imagine.

This book will introduce Ireland to you. This country is incredibly beautiful. There are many mountains and rivers. One can see emerald greenery there. Certainly, you have heard that the Irish are the most drinking people in Europe. That they are the descendants of the redheaded Celts. You have also heard about the Irish step and the pubs. There are lots of famous Irishmen. The book contains an overview on geography, sport, history, religion, language, music, dance and wars. It includes the descriptions of the most significant cities. The material is presented in a fascinating form as an experienced teacher created this book. The author teaches the course on Northern Ireland at the university. This writer is famous not only for writing historical novels but also for criminal ones. His books are very popular among the English learners.

A heroine of this story is a Latin American girl from a poor American emigrant family. She reached the tops in the show business, cinema and garment business. It was thanks to her nature talent and enormous diligence. Nowadays Jennifer Lopez is a recognized queen of pop music who drives men crazy around the world with her bright beauty. Her impressive success sets a great example for women. Jennifer’s biography is a vivid example of how a simple woman from an indigent family can achieve her goal through faith and diligence. It is a definite proof that everything is possible. Your life is in your own hands. Your fate depends on you. This book will inspire the reader to follow his cherished dream and change life for the better.

The adventure of David Balfour begins one summer morning when he leaves his house forever. After his parents' death, he wants to find his own place in life. He receives an unexpected letter written by his father before his death and addressed to his uncle. It changes David's plans and leads him to a place near Edinburgh called the House of Shaws, which has something to do with his inheritance. But the closer he gets to the place, the more odd seems the behaviour of everyone he meets along the way. Some people are surprised and look at him strangely, and others warn David to stay away from this terrible place.

Maria Stewart, the nee Queen of Scotland, experienced many events in her life. Each of them directly affected lives of her citizens and the whole country. Maria Stuart had been the queen of Scotland since infancy. Being the wife of Francis II, she ruled France for one year. She also claimed the English throne. The daughter of King James and the French princess, Maria, barely born, lost her father. She remained the only heiress of the monarch. The closest relative of Maria James Hamilton became the regent of the country. Later he insisted on the marriage between the young queen and Edward, the son of King Henry VIII of England. Maria Stuart went through many ordeals. She faced political intrigues. She also met her love. You can read her last letter. It tells how this fragile but strong woman coped with everything. The queen wrote this letter to her son for him to learn the truth about his mother.

Lisa Thomas has just graduated from the college. She has left her home in Seattle and has become a junior reporter at the Livingston Gazette in Texas. Now she has to cover the execution of Gary Pearson, a black man accused of murdering a well-respected judge. The journalist is nervous. This is the first time she has written about such kind of news. The only advice she receives is just to record the facts and not to get emotional. However, after the meeting with the convicted man Lisa seriously doubts that he is guilty. But under the pressure from her colleagues the woman doesn't share her suspicions in the article. On the day of Gary’s execution the real murderer shows up and confesses to committing the crime. But will this be enough for a stay of this execution and save an innocent man from death?

People often want to know what will happen after they die. They say if a person is good, he or she will definitely go to heaven. So if you are kind and polite, you have nothing to worry about. But what if our afterlife destiny doesn't depend on our behavior on earth at all? What if God keeps a secret from us? The main character of this story never smoked, drank or gambled during his life. He never hurt anyone in the hope of getting to heaven. But his dream is ruined when the man dies and finds out that his future is just a matter of luck. Will he still be able to get a place in heaven? And most importantly, is heaven as good as it seems? This story challenges our traditional beliefs and offers an alternative vision of what the afterlife is like.

The world-famous fairy tale was written by an English writer and mathematician in 1865. This book is one of the best examples of nonsense literature. In the fairy tale, the reader can see dozens of complicated philosophical, mathematical and linguistic jokes. In this story, we can find many interesting hidden meanings. The girl Alice spends her time on the river bank. She is bored. Suddenly she sees a strange white rabbit. The small animal has a big pocket watch in his paws and he is in a hurry. Alice follows the rabbit and falls into a hole. The curious girl finds herself in a phantasmagoric world inhabited by many anthropomorphic creatures. And this is only the beginning of her unusual, strange and surprising adventures.

Christina Rinaldi works at the National Museum. She loves her work and art is her great interest. In the morning, the director of the museum calls her to his office. There is an important job for her to do the famous Paris museum wants to send several expensive paintings to Buenos Aires. These artworks are need to be met and accompanied. Christina happily agrees. She herself wants to see these canvases in her hometown. Christina's mood is great for the rest of the day. This exhibition promises to be be very interesting. After work, Christine gets on her motorcycle and leaves the museum. The day is warm and pleasant. But on the way, she meets an armed man with an unusual bright tattoo around his neck. He notices the motorcyclist. Christina realizes that soon she will have new problems. It's time to forget about the paintings.

Reg and his wife Janet live in a house outside a village. They have a new neighbour – a young, quiet man. His name is Richard, he lives a solitary life and often behaves in a really strange way. He hates TV and loud music, prefers walking and keeps to a vegetarian diet. Besides, he always looks sad and even lonely. Naturally, the couple feels sorry for him. They try to help Richard whenever it is possible. But each time he refuses their help. Eventually, however, Janet manages to invite him to a party. But after the party something unexpected happens – the man falls gravely ill. Janet takes care of Richard and makes sure that he eats and behaves just like everybody else. But when the mystery behind the young man's malady is finally solved, it is too late to save him.

The police officer Helen Shepherd woke up from a telephone call. A new sergeant was calling her with a message. They found a body of a young woman on the beach near the Grand Hotel. The officer arrived at the crime scene. She started teaching her new colleague how to collect all possible clues and question the witnesses. According to the expert's words, the woman was killed from a blow to the head by a blunt object several hours ago. First 24 hours are the most important for the police when they solve crimes. After this time, it is very difficult to learn the truth and find the murderer. The boss of the victim makes some clarity. They had dinner yesterday in the evening at the hotel restaurant. The boss noticed a strange man who left the restaurant after seeing the girl. The boss was very concerned. He did not want their company to appear in the news about their colleague's death.

One of the most difficult decisions for a person to make is a choice, which defines future life. This story is about a young girl. She lives with her mother in Sri-Lanka. The girl has a close friend. They meet each other regularly. This is a very simple and cheerful guy, who likes to joke. He catches the prawns and cooks them on the beach. The young girl definitely likes him. The problem is that the boy does not give her any clarity about their relationship. There is also another man interested in her. A wealthy Australian wants to marry the girl and take her to Sydney, where he has a house. The mother wants her to marry the Australian, as she wants a better future for her daughter. The girl decides to talk to her bosom friend. She wants to know his true feelings about her.

Davy Crockett is a legendary personality for the United States of America. This is the first hero of this country, who lived when America just came into existence. Davy proved himself to be an excellent scout, hunter and politician. Davy refused the opportunity to build a brilliant career in the Congress and went to Texas. There he helped Americans men and women. He became the hero of the Alamo. The courage and strong spirit of this amazing officer changed the history of the country. Davy died, defending the fortress in Alamo. It happened during the War for Independence of Texas. Nowadays you can find a lot of books and movies about this man. Even our children can learn more about the great person thanks to the fascinating book.

Life is full of surprises! This day is one of the most fantastic and pleasant days for Nicole Leconte. She has just arrived at the railway station in the English town Norwich. She has to speak at the local university with her scientific report. Of course, Nicole did not expect that she would be met at the station like a star. Things have been changed so much since she studied in England. Scientists in France are considered ordinary people who have to get to the destination by themselves. Nicole got here not only a warm welcome but also the best room in the hotel, a delicious breakfast and a tour around the town. How great the state supports education in the UK! One girl Melanie met Nicole at the station. Melanie admitted that she had come to this profession thanks to Nicole's example. Melanie did not expect that the French scientist would be so kind and pleasant. Everything is so good, that it can't be the truth...

It happened half a year ago. Ray got a good job offer. Abi and Ray moved to Vancouver from England. Now Abu is studying at Film school. She is going to be a writer. After watching an interesting film in a screenwriting class she got a task. She has to write a story consisting of fifteen hundred words. Abi immediately saw a breath-taking thriller in her imagination. But her teacher warned her she couldn't include any dead bodies in the story. Abi should write about relationship between two people. What can be more boring? She is a good writer, who notices much in some ordinary things. Abi can create something interesting. Still, sometimes perceptive people cannot understand their closest surrounding. Soon Abi will write her own story based on the real events.

The name of the detective queen is known to everyone. The fans of the genre read her novels and revise the screen versions, guessing who the real killer is. The main characters of the stories of Christie - Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot are worldwide famous. These characters are different, only united by their brilliant mind. We know them well enough. But what do we know about the writer? This book will tell you the story of Agatha Christie. The growing up of Agatha Miller passes and she starts travelling. You will visit the countries and the continents with the future writer. The world will surprisingly change during the narration. You will be able learn about the personal experiences of Agatha and her first steps in literal creativity. This magnificent woman lived an extraordinary life.

One of the stories that appeared in the famous collection Games in the Twilight. Unlike the other writer's books, where women are main characters, Devoted son is about male characters. The book tells us about the relationship of the father and the son in a traditional Indian family. It raises the problem of old age and the loss of understanding between generations. The story is written in the style of realism with a lot of good quality humour. The main character is a student Rakesh. He is very respectful of his parents. He is very clever young man and once he gets the opportunity to go to the United States. Rakesh becomes a good doctor. But in order to take care of the aged parents, a successful doctor returns to his impoverished country. And after that an unexpected conflict between Rakesh and the father begins.

In the summer of 1910, a race began. A race to be the first man at the South Pole, in Antarctica. Robert Falcon Scott, an Englishman, left London in his ship, the Terra Nova, and began the long journey south. Five days later, another ship also began to travel south. And on this ship was Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian.

مردی تو یه اتاق زیبا و غیر آشنا بیدار میشه و نمیدونه کجاست و کیه . سرش درد می کنه . تشنه و گرسنست . ولی خیلی ضعیفه و باز به خواب میره ......

در کانزاس ایالات متحده آمریکا خبری از ساحره یا جادوگر نیست . اما گردبادهای زیادی می وزد و یک روز گردبادی شروع به وزیدن گرفت و خانه ی دوروتی را به همراه دوروتی و سگش توتو به هوا بلند کرد و به شهر اوز روانه کرد . در شهر اوز چهار ساحره و یک جادوگر معروف به نام جادوگر شهر اوز وجود دارد . دوروتی می خواهد به خانه اش به کانزاس برگردد اما چطور !؟ نمی داند . او به کمک احتیاج دارد . ساحره ی شمال به او می گوید به شهر زمردین برود و از جادوگر شهر اوز بپرسد . پس از آن دوروتی مترسک ( بی مغز) ، مرد حلبی ( بی قلب ) و شیر بزدل ( بدون شجاعت ) را می بیند اما آنها خودشان هم نیازمند کمک هستند . درنتیجه همگیشان جاده زرد آجری را به سمت شهر زمردین در پیش می گیرند . اما قرار است چه چیزی را آنجا بیابند ؟ جادوگر معروف شهر اوز چه چیز یا چه کسی است

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